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"The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart"

Robert Green Ingersoll



You will be required to choose 14 players with a maximum ratings cap of 185 points.

Only rated KMSPL players with established ratings will be made available for the pool.

Scoring according to the following scoring system


  • Single 1 point

  • Double 2 points

  • Triple 3 points

  • Home Run 4 points

  • Walk 1 point

  • Run 1 point

  • RBI 1 point

Teams must be submitted through this website and paid for by April 30th

$20 to participate

Sign up using the link below. Once you have registered, we will send you a link to fill out the players of your choice. We will collect your pool fee at the draft or rookie camp.


4 monthly winners - the player that accumulates the most points in a certain month  

The 5 top winners at the end of the year will also receive a share of the monies collected 

Amounts will be determined depending on the number of participants

Example: Based on 50 participants

$100 to top team for past month (4 x $100)


At the end of the season

1st place = $250 (we should make a trophy too)

2nd place = $150

3rd place = $100

4th and 5th place = $50

Tie breaks

1st tie break is Total number of rating points spent (less is better)

2nd tie break is Total number of at bats (less is better)

If still a tie, split the money

The KMSPL Softball Pool is operated separately from the KMSPL.



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